As a client you get CRMA-CRCI's years of collective experience to ensure that a solid risk framework exists for your company program.

CRMA-CRCI Services

Our expertise is in using physical, futures, and options to manage risk and maximize market opportunity. Our ongoing risk management focuses on controls, limits, and monitoring to ensure industry best practice.

Our Niche

The practical nuts and bolts of commodity price risk management.


Cost efficient access to our principals when you need them; a combined 70+ years of experience. No overhead, no juniors.

Teamwork & Partnership

We aim to embed our skills in your business. We work with your board, hedge committee, commercial, finance, and accounting staff, auditors, banks and systems providers.

Identifying Risks

Pinpointing your price risks and what causes them

Modelling Price Risk

Mapping out the size and timing of risks that are impacting your business

Developing Price Risk Policy

Describing your price risks, how they must be managed and who must manage them

Defining Risk Goals & Benchmarks

Establishing the targets that must be met and how they are measured

Implementing Hedge Management and Reporting Systems

Installing systems that manage and report on risk activities

Counterparty Introduction

Acquainting you with your counterparty options to determine which ones work best for you

Enabling Hedge Execution

Laying out the agreements and administration you need to have in place

Market Dynamics Research

Analyzing and understanding the dynamics behind your market

Hedge Strategy and Forward Market Management

Planning the placement and timing of your hedges

Strengthening Commercial-Risk Desk Links

Risk Desk Links – Aligning your risk and commercial teams to achieve results you need

Reducing Commercially Caused Risk

Reorienting the commercial activities and agreements that cause price risk

Structuring Hedge Control

Configuring procedures, limits, cross-checks and reports

Aligning Accounting Practice

Adapting accounting practice for meaningful reporting

Managing Change

Assisting your people to gain control of the commodity price risk faced by your business


Insightful instruction so your staff can implement change, strengthen processes, and distinguish opportunity from risk