We aim to embed our skills in your business, building commodity risk management programs from bottom up or upgrading your existing program.

Board Support

A medium sized regional airline embarks on a flawed jet fuel hedging policy. It is forced to recognize a large loss in its published accounts as a result. They realize they need help from experts experienced in hedge policy and risk program construction to repair their hedging policy so it will match their business needs and help get sign off from their board. We are engaged to:

  • outline their alternatives and recommend a revised policy
  • help educate and reassure a skeptical board
  • assure further policy and risk program evolution meets business requirements

Together we examine the parts of the current policy that are going wrong and we outline and develop alternatives. We make a recommendation and work with them to draft a revised policy. We then engage their board providing them with educational documentation and face to face presentations. An ongoing engagement is maintained after the new policy is implemented to assure that policy evolution stays on track.